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Is your exhaust screeching and rattling every time you drive off in your car? Do you see black plumes of smoke belching out of your vehicle through the rear view mirror? Is your exhaust constantly leaking?


If so, it is time to get it replaced. A compromised exhaust is not only wasteful on money and fuel, it could also prove dangerous if left unattended. Call and ask about our service in the supply and fitting of exhausts in Holywell and Flintshire.


We also cater for classic car exhaust systems and fit catalytic converters.

Exhausts fitted and replaced

•   Leaking exhaust pipe

•   Reduction in fuel economy

•   A lot of noise

•   Danger of overheating

What does an old, damaged exhaust entail?

We only supply exhausts from the best, most reliable manufacturers.


In addition, all our exhausts come with either a one year or two year guarantee for your peace of mind in their quality and longevity.

Exhausts from top manufacturers

Time for a new exhaust? Call:

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