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car battery having jump leads attached

Most car batteries tend to be maintenance free, but that doesn't mean you should just ignore them, confident that they will never let you down.


We have a large stock of quality batteries and fit Varta and Numax batteries regarded as some of the best batteries in the world. If your battery is  in need of replacement, we will make sure the battery that takes its place is of the highest quality.

Don't allow your car battery to fail you

We offer free battery tests to all our customers, so there really is no nothing to lose in getting yours checked out.


If your car is struggling to start in cold weather, then there very well could be a problem. Call us now for your free battery test.

Free battery tests:

Alongside our other vehicle services, including tyre fitting and wheel alignment, we offer free battery tests, battery maintenance and replacement for customers across Holywell and throughout Flintshire.

Battery maintenance across North Wales

Book in your free battery test, on:

01745 853 996

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