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There is more to tyres than just fitting them. We provide a range of additional services to ensure yours remain roadworthy and safe for longer.

Additional vehicle services:

Wheel balancing:

Make sure your tyres are correctly balanced, for a smoother and safer ride.


Wheel alignment / Tracking:

If your car is pulling you to one side or the other, it may well require tracking.


Make sure your wheels are correctly aligned to ensure a safer, more economical drive with our fully computerised four wheel alignment system.



We offer a free brake check and same day fitting of brakes and pads.


Nitrogen-filled tyres:

Nitrogen-filled tyres retain their pressure up to 3 or 5 times longer than tyres with compressed air. That means greater fuel economy for you and longer tyre life.


Need a free quote, or just looking to enquire about our range of vehicle services in Holywell and across Flintshire? Call now to discuss your requirements with us.

Free quotes:

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We can also offer you:


Locking wheel nut removal


Leverless tyre fitting for specialist and run flat tyres


Alloy wheel sales


Puncture repairs and inner tubes


Windscreen wipers


Bulb replacement


Winter / Summer checks